Our Core Values

Our Code of Business Conduct (“CoBC”) serves as our internal play book. It provides us with the standards that guide our work and how we demonstrate Leadership with each other, our customers, our business partners, and our competitors.


It is an important resource that provides information on what behaviors are expected from each of us, as well as guidance on where to go for help and details on certain risk areas.



At the core of our culture are five basic values that we all share and believe in:


  • Integrity: act honestly, ethically and honorably
  • Leadership: respect, inspire, develop and empower
  • Service: satisfy our customers every time
  • Team Work: collaborate, trust, support, commit
  • Innovation: be a student of the business to initiate and foster new ideas


These values motivate us all to work together to achieve our global vision — to inspire and empower youth culture.


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